Ginny’s White Peach Specialty


Doc & Ginny were characters of my early childhood.Around the time I was 2-5 years old, Mom & Dad would drop us off with Ginny to babysit as they attended one meeting or another. The treat was when Ginny had made some of the rarest preserves I’d ever tasted – White Peach Preserves.

The kicker was she’d add just a few maraschino cherries and we kids would hope to high heaven that they came out on our slice when we had bread, butter & jam.

Ginny’s recipe is lost to time, but here a moderately close example and link to a more modern blogger version of White Peach jam. CLICK HERE–>

Maple Lawn Farms

Hey Hugh,

What is it about those formative memories that makes them so vivid? You can probably remember something like Ginny cooking fresh white peach jam from your early years, but more than remember it… you can feel it.

I’m fascinated by the brain, memory and learning, so I like to ‘nerd-out’ on podcasts such as Science Friday & Tim Ferris. The farm is full of opportunities to enrich our life experience, because the farm activates so many different senors in the brain.

This weekend, if you’ve never tried a fresh peach, or fresh white peach, off the tree while standing in the orchard listening to the sweet nothing of the unspoiled countryside, you are about to have your brain and your memories put on overdrive.

I live here every day, and still, I soak up new memories, learn new things, discover new nooks & crannies of the farm, new flavors each and every morning.

Then, we open the gates to you.

See you at the farm,

Farmer Hugh

RedStar Peaches are ready, come & get’em

Great News: Peaches are HERE! RedStar peaches, a delicious, semi-freestone peach on on the trees and ready to pick for the weekend. We also have Eastern Glo Nectarines and Blueberries – Make an efficient trip and get ALL THREE!

Maple Lawn Farms

Peach Season begins!

Dad brought in a peachy treat from the orchard and, like a tsunami, once one peach was ready, we now have boxes and boxes off to our wholesale customers and lots to pick for YOU, our guests!

Peach season is here, and if you haven’t before tasted a fresh, juicy peach from the tree, ooooooooh, mommy, you are missing out.

They are SO juicy, that Miss Dee chased me out of the market with a broom because I was dripping on her floor. [CLICK to SEE VIDEO on Facebook Page]

Peaches are ready!

See you soon on the farm,

Farmer Hugh


Maple Lawn Farms – “Back to school – for grown-ups, too.”

Nectarines & Peaches | Hugh chomps a nectarine |
Back To School for Grown-ups
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watch video
Farmer Hugh devours a nectarine – fast.
2 Things to Know this Week:
  1. Freestone Burgundy Peaches & Fantasia Nectarines are PRIME!
  2. We’re social: Connect for updates on Facebook [CLICK HERE]
Life on the Farm – “Back To School – For Grown-ups, Too.”
This is an interesting time on the farm when you can get peaches, nectarines and apples all at once. This weekend will be an excellent opportunity to fill your freezer, get some great treats for packing school lunches, and sampling the best fruits of the farm.
But, like anything good, there’s a deadline. The next two weekends will be the best picking for stone fruits, then peaches start to taper off and apples start to move to the lead position. You have to get here soon! When the peaches hit their deadline, they are over for a whole year.
That reminds me of “Back to School” timeas the age-old indicator of the relentless change of seasons and the forward march of time. Though Back To School is nearly like Black Friday in the retail world, it’s the change in mindset that always tugs on my emotions; pulls on my brain, calls for change.
Back To School for grown-ups. I think about what I say to my kids as they prep for school, and I’ve realized that it’s good advice for me, too.
  • “We do what we have to do, so we can do what we want to do.”
  • “Yep, math’s hard, life’s hard, get over it and find a way to win.”
  • “Buck-up, buttercup.”
  • “You can’t do every activity, so pick the one’s you enjoy the most, then commit to them.”
  • “Sometimes you have to work with/be around people you don’t like, but you have to offer them respect and get your work done anyway. ’cause that’s what we do.”
  • “Everything is hard until you understand it. Practice, hard work and time are the only things that make stuff easier.”
It’s a cliche for a reason. We all need to go back to school, at least go back to the Back To School mindset. You and I never stop learning; stop discovering. Cliche, but true. If you feel like you have or you feel like you are just “marking time” through life, learning something new is the cure. What do you not know, or wish you knew more about? What interests you or excites you?
I’ve recently really enjoyed our newest farm project (soon to be announced, we hope!) because it carries me out of my daily routine. We are working on new, interesting, though hard, problems. Yes, they are hard, but it’s really rewarding. (Wait, “Everything’s hard until you understand it.” Someone said that recently…) Each day we still learn knew things about fruit trees, peach harvests, Growing Degree Days, nectarine varieties, and filling good CSA boxes. Yep, we don’t know everything about fruit farming yet.
It’s a process. You’ll find that it’s a process as you learn and grow or read or run or get into your child’s 7th grade math or can peaches like Grandma did or make applesauce from scratch or coach soccer.
From task to adventure. Whatever you choose, work to shift your viewpoint from task to adventure. It takes me a hours to run my son to soccer, plan drills, spend the practice time, and commit to game days on the weekend. The flip side is that I have a “FREE” experimental group to learn about motivation in the U13 age group. Each week I try a different tactic to build the team, build up the players, enhance their skills, challenge them to pull together and ultimately succeed.
Each week I ask myself:Did that tactic work? Who responded? Who grew the most? Who rejected the push? Did the team’s mood change?
These and so many questions turn, what could be a dreadful hour and a half sitting in a lawn chair waiting until my son was done practice, into an adventure in which the kids and I get an interactive learning experience.
It all happens with a change in mindset; a willingness to shift your mind into Back To School mode.
So, what do you want to learn this Fall as the season change and as the kids go back to school. What new thing will you learn?
What will be your learning adventure this Fall? How will you go “Back To School”?
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh
PS Need a farm field trip for your learning adventure? These are the LAST TWO big weekends for peach and nectarine picking. Get here now and fill up your freezer for the winter. Those peaches will look really good come February…

Maple Lawn Farms – “All your favorites.”

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Early Fuji’s are here!
It’s apple season.
Feel those cool nights? That’s working to crisp our delicious, juicy apples for you.

2014 has brought LOADED apple trees. Just CLICK the picture to zoom in and see the harvest on this ONE tree!


We are picking:
Red Chief, Smoothee Gold, Jonnee, Empire, Early Fuji and Gala RIGHT NOW.
FYI – This is the LAST weekend for Gala!
See you soon on the farm:
Life on the Farm
By Farmer Hugh

“What’s your favorite movie?”. I get asked these big categorical questions about favorites all the time. “What’s your favorite – song, movie, book, car, apple, child, instrument,” you name it! I know people who can answer – definitively and immediately – on any of these topics, but I can’t.

Situational favorites. I have “situational” favorites. My favorites depend on my mood; on the situation. I can totally get into watching Transformers, The Outlaw Josie Wales, or The 100 Foot Journey, it just depends on the situation.

With apples I like the Smoothee, the Empire, but right now my favorite is the Early Fuji.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like the others, “I’m just, like, totally into Fuji right now, man.”

Are you definitive or situational about your apples?
How about your movies? Drop me an email, I’m curious.

In the mean time, you don’t have to “pick favorites” because ALL your favorites are in this weekend:

Smoothee – Sweet-Tart & Snappy
Red Chief – Sweet & classic
Empire – like champagne!
Jonnee – super tart
Early Fuji – sweet & crunchy
Gala – super sweet

No need to choose, just mix & match & enjoy!

See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh

PS YES! We are making hot, fresh apple cider donuts this weekend…


Maple Lawn Farms – Meet your farmers – The McPherson Family

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That’s Farmer Paul, Generation 4 of the McPhersons, with eldest daughter Gretchen, circa 1972.
Meet your farmers – The McPherson Family
A Little History About The Farm
Thanks for joining our farm family. Maple Lawn Farms has been growing food for the local community for over 160 years. The farm encompasses over 1,400 acres of Cherries, Blueberries, Apricots, Peaches, Plums, Apples, Raspberries, Blackberries and Pumpkins – ALL of which you can pick in season. We also farm field corn, soybeans and wheat in rotation as animal feed for neighboring farms.
A Little About the McPhersons
Currently 3 generations of McPhersons occupy and farm the land; Paul & Betsy, Hugh & Janine and their children Annie & Ian. It is a family affair in harvest season with “all hands on deck” to welcome guests to the orchards and fields. Hugh’s sisters, Gretchen & Sarah, ventured off the farm to California and New York City, but love returning for family holidays.
A Little About the Future
This farm is open to connecting our guests to agriculture. You can pick-your-own fruit from the farm. You may purchase a share of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership. We want everything we grow on this farm to leave in the hands of the person who’s going to eat it.
That’s who we are and we’re grateful you’re interested in local food, local farms and Maple Lawn Farms in particular.
Thank you!
The McPhersons