Pick-Your-Own Apples from the Orchard

U-Pick Apples - Maple Lawn Farms Orchards - New Park, PA

Picking is INCREDIBLE – NOW! August. Please check Facebook for the latest information before you visit the farm.

The 2021 Apple Season is here. #HarvestSeason

  • Apples are a signature crop at Maple Lawn Farms
  • 15 varieties of crunchy, juicy tastes to choose
  • Celebrate harvest season in the orchard.
  • NO PRICE INCREASE from 2020 to 2021 – Apples are still $28 per half bu. and just $24 per half bu when you pick two or more bags of apples!

The apple a day.

It’s good to have positive habits. It’d be hard to beat eating an apple a day, and with so many varieties from which to choose, you an adventure in each one.

Apples are special. In the fall as the weather changes, we might think of summer’s peaches and feel a sense of loss, but, as we look towards winter, we long for apples. Apples match the crispness of the shortening days. They pick easily and last long into the winter.

Apples are different.

If peaches vary in flavor 1-3, apples vary 1-10. My Dad can tell the peach varieties apart, but apples everyone can taste a favorite. Sweet, tart, tangy, creamy, so many adjectives to explain each variety, but nothing beats taking a bite. We grow 15 varieties of apples and are replanting orchards to rotate land and structure our orchards specifically for pick-your-own guests like you.

Celebrate the harvest.

Apples season is a festive time. The bakery is cranking out fresh, hot donuts. Our Maize Quest Corn Maze is in full swing. The orchards are buzzing with people harvesting apples. The Giant Pumpkin Express Wagon is rolling through the pumpkin patch filled with eager-eyed pumpkin pickers. It is a celebration and you are invited.