U-Pick Blueberries at Maple Lawn Farms

Blueberry Picking at the Farm

U-Pick Blueberries

Pick Your Own Blueberries

Blueberry Picking Info + Tips

A Fourth of July favorite! Use our containers, or your own containers, but make sure they are no bigger than one US gallon. Fruit will get bruised if your bucket is too big.

When to Pick?

Check the bottoms of the berries; if they are greenish, they are not ripe. You want blue all the way.

Best way to freeze blueberries

  1. Pick blueberries
  2. Take home
  3. Put on flat tray, one single berry layer
  4. Put in freezer (DO NOT WASH THEM FIRST)
  5. Once frozen, bag in ZipLocs
  6. When ready to use, open bag, WASH/RINSE
  7. Enjoy blueberries.


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U-Pick Blueberry Info

Typical Growing Season:
End of June – Beginning of July

Monday – Saturday 8AM-5PM
Sunday 1PM-5PM

Guest must exit u-pick fields and orchards 15 minutes prior to closing

Pet Policy

Due to our insurance company’s policy, we are NOT permitted to allow pets in the corn maze, pumpkin patch or Fun Park. We know your dog, cat or pig is wonderful and we wish things could be different, but we simply are not permitted to allow pets other than A.D.A. registered service dogs. Thank you!