U-Pick Blueberries at Maple Lawn Farms

Pick Your Own Fruit & Flowers


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Lavender Harvest at Maple Lawn Farms

Lavender Picking

Typical Growing Season:
End of June / Beginning of July

Special Festival Hours
(See event info for details)

BlueBerry Picking

Typical Growing Season:
End of June – Beginning of July

Monday – Saturday 8AM-5PM
Sunday 1PM-5PM

Photo Ops at the PA Sunflower Festival (Maple Lawn Farms, PA)

Sunflower Picking

Typical Growing Season:

Special Festival Hours
(See event info for details)

Peach & Nectarine Picking

Typical Growing Season:
July through September

Wagon Rides to the Patch

Saturday 10AM-5PM
Sunday 1PM-5PM

Apple Picking

Typical Growing Season:
Mid-August through early November

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Saturday 10AM-4PM
Sunday 1PM-6PM

Pumpkin Picking

Typical Growing Season:
Mid-September – October

Saturday 10AM-4PM
Sunday 1PM-6PM

Pick Your Own Fruit Farm & Orchards

The FRESHEST fruit right from the farm! Call 1-866-U-PICK-FUN or check our Facebook page for the latest information and picking updates before you visit the farm!

The freshest fruit right from the farm

The McPherson family has been farming the land for over 165 years in southeastern York County. Though every generation brings new ideas and change, the last three generations have focused on bringing guests to the farm and selling farm products directly to you, our guests. Enjoy pick-your-own fresh fruit in season from mid-June through November.

Visit our orchards and pick the freshest, tastiest, juiciest fruit! Picking is an experience for young and old.

Why you should pick your own fruit

  • Picking your own means you get the freshest, tastiest, juiciest fruit
  • Picking is easy with our trees and orchards designed for you to pick
  • Picking is an experience for young and old to make memories

It’s FUN!

There is no joy like the joy in a child’s eyes when she first sees that peach hanging on the tree that grew it. Kids need a direct connection to the source of their food. Heck, we all do. Give yourself the magical moment of discovering the perfect apple, then shine it up on your shirt and take a bite right there under the tree. There’s nothing like it.

Pick exactly what you want

Fruit in stores was picked weeks ago, before it was ripe. It rode hundreds, maybe thousands of miles in cold storage before it landed on the store shelf for a few days before you picked it up. It’s not the apple’s fault it isn’t amazing. It never had a chance. In our orchards, YOU are the first human to touch the apples and you can choose EXACTLY the fruit you want to fill your basket or picking bag. Tree to you. Directly.

Mix & match

Often we have 2-3 kinds of blueberries, 3-5 kinds of peaches, and 6-12 varieties of apples each in their season. If you want to mix and match varieties, go right ahead! We recommend you taste-test the fruit, then fill your bags with your favorites.

Cost effective

Our apples are $28 per half-bushel, and just $24 per half-bushel if you pick two or more baskets! There has been no change in price since 2020. If you love apples, get in here and stock up ‘cause you ain’t gonna find a better deal! It’s similar with all our pick-your-own fruits.

When was the last time you got the BEST product AND the LOWEST price?!

Fruit Picking Information & Tips

  • Prepare to be outdoors. Dress for the weather including sun hats and sun block for summer days, and warm gear for cool days. If you like to use it, bug repellent is fine for harvesting, just wash your hands after applying it.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. You’re going to be on a REAL farm. Wear shoes that support you during the picking activity such as good walking shoes or hiking boots. If you’re going to hang out afterwards, bring another pair of shoes for relaxing.
  • Bring water or buy some in the market. Make sure to stay hydrated and give yourself breaks throughout the picking time to relax. Spend some time and enjoy the scenery.


  • Cherries: Get here soon, we ALWAYS sell-out! We provide ladders and our Cherry Picking Platform to help you reach the best fruit. Use our containers, or your own containers, but make sure they are no bigger than one US gallon. Fruit will get bruised if your bucket is too big. Pick cherries WITH THE STEMS ON to preserve freshness. When you remove the stems, you break the fruits natural seal.
    Ripening: We have Red White and Black Sweet Cherries. Make sure you know which kind you are picking. Red Cherries look white-ish if they aren’t ripe. Black cherries look reddish if they aren’t ripe and white cherries never turn red or black no matter how ripe. You are allowed to taste test to check.
  • Blueberries: A Fourth of July favorite! Use our containers, or your own containers, but make sure they are no bigger than one US gallon. Fruit will get bruised if your bucket is too big.

    Ripening: Check the bottoms of the berries; if they are greenish, they are not ripe. You want blue all the way.

  • Peaches: We have lots of varieties of peaches from July-September so you’ll be able to come back and get more.
    Ripening: Choose peaches by color and feel. Soft feel and good color indicate a peach you should use right away. Good color and firm feel is a peach that will keep for a few days.
  • Apples: Apples have the widest flavor variation. Try them all and pick your favorites. Apples start in mid-August with Early Gold and continue through early November.
    Ripening: Make sure you know which kind of apple you’ll be picking, so you can judge the color well. Apples should be firm and not bruised, with unbroken skin. Apples store the longest, often weeks in a cool place with ventilation. Confining apple, such as in a bag or Tupperware, will speed the ripening process.