Farm Fresh Peaches

U-Pick Peaches - York County, PA

We have GREAT peaches through Labor Day Weekend. NEW acres of delicious early peaches for 2022! Please follow us on Facebook for updated info or call 717-382-4878 for the Farm Market ext.

Distilled, juicy sunlight you can sink your teeth into.

  • Peaches are a signature crop at Maple Lawn Farms
  • Juicy flavor, easy picking, relaxing day
  • Peaches make you sexy.

I grew up in the peach orchard.

When I was a boy, one of my first jobs was helping Doc Hodge sell peaches in the orchard. My Grandfather, Hugh C. McPherson for whom I am named, planted the first orchards with his brother Earl in the 1940’s. Peach are a signature crop at Maple Lawn Farms and they have always been sold directly from the orchard to you, our customers.

Peaches make you sexy.

Peaches have been called nature’s sports drink, but they are way healthier than sugar-bomb, bright-colored mass-market beverages. Peaches have vitamins, minerals, fiber, and TASTE. One peach after your workout and you are well on your way to beautiful inside & out.