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Life on the Farm: “Thankful for Cherries”


Each year at the farm, we inevitably have some form of disaster. Last year it was that nasty, early frost on our cherry blossoms. The result: NO Cherries.

I personally was super-bummed by that, because sweet cherries are my favorite thing in the world! I have a bit of a tart cherry obsession as well, (which you can join me in as we now carry Tart Cherry Juice concentrate in the farm market!)

Anyway, this year we had a real scare on the peach blossoms, but the peaches survived! This year we have LOTS of sweet cherries.

Best news? They are ready! Well, they will be next Wednesday.

Soooooo, if you’ve been missing us as much as we’ve been missing you…. and we’ve all been missing cherries for A YEAR….

…then you should come on over and pick cherries with us!

Miss Dee will even have some Cherry Donuts on Saturday June 17th, and that will be the PRIME season kick-off.

See you soon on the farm,

Farmer Hugh