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Holiday Pies Today – “New Celebrations & Local Farms”

Pick-up Holiday Pies at Maple Lawn Farms. Winery OPEN for last minute shopping, too. Call ahead for for Dee to bake them 717-382-4878.

Farm Market, Bakery & Wine Tasting Room

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Farm market OPEN: Wednesday Nov 23 Exclusive Hours 11AM-5PM Holiday Pies, Dumplings & More , Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Bakery: Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

Wine Tasting & Sales: Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM

More on the Winery:


Whew. Harvest season really takes it out of us. We strain under the effort to get it all done; to host all our guests; to harvest all the apples. Then, it is over and a hush falls over the farm.

Combines finish corn harvest. Final fruits are picked. The Fun Park is winterized and packed safely away. And it is quiet.

Quiet sounds good and, in fact, it feels good, too. Neglected tasks at home are slowly brought right. Family dinners once again commence each night kid’s activities allow. We fire up the pellet stove.

It is quiet.

Farmer Hugh can enjoy all that peace and quiet… for about 2 weeks. Then, once recovered hours of sleep catch up, it’s on toward new celebrations and it is those celebrations I share with you today.

First, thanks to you and your patronage, the winery’s very first year has been a success. Winemaker Matt & I have been working feverishly to replenish supplies of Apple Cider, Apple Blossom Wine, Peach Blossom Wine, and we’re adding a new product we hope to release before Christmas. So, Thank You!

Second, for the first time ever, we are keeping the Farm Market and wine tasting room open through December 18th. Every Sat 12PM-5PM, Sun 1PM-5PM you can shop BOTH for gift baskets, Miss Dee has really made some nice things, and gifts of wine for holiday dinners, parties and gifts.

Third, we are continuing the entertainment at our local farm friends’ Christmas Tree Farm with Train Rides each Saturday 10AM-5PM & Sunday 1PM-5PM, plus a special day of fun Black Friday 10AM-5PM. It all happens at Jarrettsville Nurseries at Holy Cross Rd in Harford County, MD (about 10miles from Maple Lawn Farms).

Let me share a little story about Jarrettsville Nurseries. For years now, our Pumpkin Express wagon and hayride wagon have been hauling guests out to the Christmas Trees for the Saulsbury family. It worked out perfectly – We had giant wagons and a tractor we weren’t using in December, the Saulsburys had an extra tractor they weren’t using in October. In the spirit of cooperation, we annually pull a switch-a-roo. Great fit, right?

Boyd Saulsbury, the patriarch at the tree farm, connected with me and we’ve been trading tractors for years. Heck, one year, my wagon came back with a new wooden deck Boyd had repaired as a surprise ‘thank you’. Eventually, Boyd asked us to bring down our bakery products and fresh donuts, which we still do each year.

About seven months ago, after a long battle with cancer, Boyd passed away. As is often the case, it is a trying time with a lot of soul-searching to determine if the farm can, and if the family can, continue without the lost leader.

Many you know that my mother, Gail, passed away back in 2005 and we had a long road to recovery. So, when Dana, wife of Boyd, sons Tom and Brandon, and daughter Ellie determined they wanted to continue the Christmas Tree Farm, well, we are all in to help them succeed.

So, friends, if you need a Christmas tree and would like an enjoyable family event to get one, we recommend you visit our friends and fellow local farmers the Saulsburys at Jarrettsville Nurseries at Holy Cross Rd. I know you can get a tree pre-cut other places, but, just as you take the time to visit us for the freshest fruit, give choose & cut Christmas Trees a try this year.

When you visit, take an extra 5 minutes to simply stand on their beautiful tree farm, breathe the fresh piney air, and enjoy. Just as you enjoy our farm in the Fall, make a new celebration this holiday season at another, local, family-owned farm.

Have a great week. We are thankful for all of you!

Farmer Hugh