Festival News & Highlights

Women enjoying sunflowers

With 8-acres and over 175,000 sunflowers, the PA Sunflower Festival is the largest, most diverse pick-your-own sunflower patch east of the Mississippi River.

July is PEACH season!

NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! Pick your own Peaches at Maple Lawn Farms. Step into the Market to put in your pie request with Miss Dee before you head out to the Peach Orchards. Follow the signs and directions to Mister Allen at the Gazebo will tell you where the best picking is for the day you arrive.
Peaches. We’re not just for pies anymore.
Easy picking, delicious.
Peach varieties ripen at different times. Keep an eye on Facebook for what delicious variety is ready to pick.
Powerful, antioxidants at the best price in season.
Please make sure to leave the orchards 1 hour before closing to give yourself plenty of time to head to the Market.