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Apple Alert- “Git yer Grannies!”

Granny Smith: Once every 10 years, we get a crop like this. Grab your Grannies whilst you can. They will SELL OUT in the U-pick orchard in less than 7 days. Beautiful sunset over the Pumpkin Shed. Limited time picking for Grannies & JonaGold Apples. Just a quick orchard update.

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Do you choose… adventure?

Do you choose… adventure? Beautiful look into the rain forest. 3 Things to Know this Week: Mac, Smoothee, Red Chief, Empire, Fuji, JonaGold for apple picking in the orchard. Just $15 per half-bushel. Mr. Allen is in the gazebo with baskets. Early pickers get the BIG Pumpkins! Pumpkin Express Wagon

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“Things Grandmother told me.”

Pumpkins patch OPEN Sat | Big-Name Apples | Maize Quest Adventures | “Grandmother told me…” blog The BIG pumpkins go FIRST! Get here early to pick. Eric found big pumpkins in the patch! Pumpkin Express Wagon Rides are FREE starting Saturday at 11AM, just pay for the pumpkins you pick:

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Life on the Farm – Life on the Farm: “Firsts & Lasts”

Hidden Gem Railroad Station nears completion. Jesse admires his handiwork on the station. The train loads between the Rope Maze & Stone Labyrinth. Come celebrate with us. We love it when you come over to the farm, so come celebrate with us. This weekend features a number of Lasts &

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Life on the Farm – Life on the Farm: “Unfinished business.”

Working to the finish. Contractor Dave eyeballs the new commercial grade railing he’s installing around the new patio at the farm market. I’m a starter. A self-starter, a kick-starter. I like the “beginning” of things. I like new ideas, new plans, new places, new movies. The world needs people who

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Maple Lawn Farms – “No, Mom, it’s fine. Seeeeeeee.”

Potato Cellar right before demolition. Life on the Farm – “No, Mom, it’s fine. Seeeeeeee.” Farmer Paul’s celebrated another birthday, but he almost didn’t make it at all, which would mean, no Maple Lawn Farms, no me or my sisters, no my kids, no freestone peaches this week, no Maize

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Maple Lawn Farms: “Don’t wash your fruit”

Don’t wash your fruit! | Blueberries! | Peaches | Freeze Right 3 Things to Know this Week: Blueberries, Blackberries, Apricots are PRIME! Early Peaches THIS WEEKEND. Fruit picking everyday Mon-Sat 8AM-6PM, Sun 1PM-5PM – Last Orchard entry hour before closing We’re social: Connect for updates on Facebook [CLICK HERE] Freezing

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Maple Lawn Farms: “Running with Flies.”

A Farmer’s Breakfast | Blueberries! | Apricots | Running One of my favorite ads from ad king Nike. This was my farmer’s breakfast treat, fresh blueberries in a fresh apricot. No, just enjoy! Life on the Farm: “Running with flies.” Analogy time: After my morning run, I concluded that life

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