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Life on the Farm – Life on the Farm: “Unfinished business.”

Working to the finish.
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Contractor Dave eyeballs the new commercial grade railing he’s installing around the new patio at the farm market.
I’m a starter. A self-starter, a kick-starter. I like the “beginning” of things. I like new ideas, new plans, new places, new movies. The world needs people who are willing to start things; think up new things.
Sounds great, right? Well, it does come with a down side. I like to start an unlimited number of things, which can lead to being overwhelmed. I don’t necessarily like seeing things through, so sometimes we end up with lots started and nothing done.
Unfinished business. It’s taken me a long time to realize that my stress level is directly impacted by the “unfinished business” in my life. The joy of starting things, can be eclipsed by the stress of having too many “open channels”, too many “loose ends”. It doesn’t matter if you are a good “starter”, if you can’t complete the work, you’ll go crazy.
Have you ever felt like that? Sometimes it’s not the quantity of things we have to do, it’s just that, instead of focusing and finishing something completely, we flit from task to task doing a little on every project and completing nothing.
Want to make your week better? Finish something today. Stop multitasking and finish something. You’ll receive so much energy from the act of completion, you’ll have the strength to work on something else.
We are finishing up peach & nectarine season by Labor Day.
We are finishing our porch renovation by next Tuesday.
We are finishing out Trackless Train Ride Station in the Fun Park TODAY.
…and it feels great!
What project, no matter how big or how small, can you finish right now, today?
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh