Maple Lawn Farms – Deep roots.

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Our trees have deep roots, so do we.
We appreciate your business and your interest in our little fruit farm, tucked away here in York County, PA.
Thank you!
We hope you’ve had a chance to visit us this season. If not, we’ll see you soon. All we do is meaningless if you can’t count on us to be here, producing the very best fruit for you, so we’ve sunk some deep roots.
“Fly-by-night” & “Johnny-come-lately” aren’t our style. The McPherson have been here for 5 generations. Generation #6 is living on the farm and growing into the role of grower, well, too fast for their parents.

What should you do now? Print some coupons, pile your family in the car and escape to the wide-open spaces on which we labor to grow our very best for you.

No regrets. It is often said that at the end of our lives we won’t look back on the TV shows we missed or the work that didn’t get done, but instead we’ll only wish we spent more time with the ones we loved.
This is the place to spend some quality time with those you love. It’s those precious moments when you teach your kids or grandkids how to pick an apple, or smile as you enjoy a hayride together.
That’s why we do this. That’s what makes all the hours we invest in this farm worthwhile…
thank you.


See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh

Maple Lawn Farms – When does that ripen?

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Farmer Paul checking the Red Delicious apples. He does a lot of checking to make sure the crops are healthy and well watered for you.
We are fruit farmers – for YOU!
We believe in opening up our farm to guests like you. That’s why you can pick EVERY crop we grow directly from the tree, bush or vine that grew it. You know that tree-ripened, picked fresh is the way to get “the good stuff”
Here’s a guide for you to plan your visits to the farm for “the good stuff”:
Mid-June – Sweet Cherries
Late-June – Sour Cherries & Blueberries
Mid-July – Cling Peaches & Apricots
Late-July – Freestone Peaches – Our specialty!
Early August – Early Apples & MASSIVE Peach crop picking
Labor Day Weekend – Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park Opens
Early September – Big-Time Apples
Late-September – Pumpkin Picking
Early October – MASSIVE Apple & Pumpkin crop picking
Oct-November – Fall Harvest Celebration with Maize Quest, Apples, Pumpkins, Group Tours, Bakery, Cider & TONS to do, pick, & EAT!
The best way to connect and stay up to date is on our facebook page at:
Click image to connect.
See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh