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“All your favorites.”

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Early Fuji’s are here!
It’s apple season.
Feel those cool nights? That’s working to crisp our delicious, juicy apples for you.

2014 has brought LOADED apple trees. Just CLICK the picture to zoom in and see the harvest on this ONE tree!


We are picking:
Red Chief, Smoothee Gold, Jonnee, Empire, Early Fuji and Gala RIGHT NOW.
FYI – This is the LAST weekend for Gala!
Life on the Farm
By Farmer Hugh

“What’s your favorite movie?”. I get asked these big categorical questions about favorites all the time. “What’s your favorite – song, movie, book, car, apple, child, instrument,” you name it! I know people who can answer – definitively and immediately – on any of these topics, but I can’t.

Situational favorites. I have “situational” favorites. My favorites depend on my mood; on the situation. I can totally get into watching Transformers, The Outlaw Josie Wales, or The 100 Foot Journey, it just depends on the situation.

With apples I like the Smoothee, the Empire, but right now my favorite is the Early Fuji.

It doesn’t mean I don’t like the others, “I’m just, like, totally into Fuji right now, man.”

Are you definitive or situational about your apples?
How about your movies? Drop me an email, I’m curious.

In the mean time, you don’t have to “pick favorites” because ALL your favorites are in this weekend:

Smoothee – Sweet-Tart & Snappy
Red Chief – Sweet & classic
Empire – like champagne!
Jonnee – super tart
Early Fuji – sweet & crunchy
Gala – super sweet

No need to choose, just mix & match & enjoy!

See you soon on the farm,
Farmer Hugh