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Maple Lawn Farm Market - York County, PA

Ready-Picked Fruit

Fresh PA Apples - York County, PA Seasonal fruit picked by our professionals is a feature in the farm market. We’d love for you to pick your own fruit, but sometimes you need to grab-n-go.  Our market features each of our signature fruits including cherries, blueberries, peaches, and apples in season.

Saturday Bakery

Fresh-Baked Donuts - York County, PAOh, baby, donuts. You have to try our signature apple cider donuts. One taste and you’ll be hooked. We have guests purchase a dozen, and they don’t make it out of our parking lot.

Pies, apple dumplings, turnovers, cookies, and whoopie pies. Our bakers have all your favorites made right here each Saturday. Got a special request for us to bake for you? Give us a call or pre-order online.

The treats change each week and we can’t guarantee every product all the time, so get here early to make sure you get your favorite. You can even tell us what  you’d like before you go pick, and we’ll do our best to have it for you when you return from the orchards.

Home-Style Honey, Jams & Fruit Butters

Pure Honey - York County, PA Honey, jam, and butters – oh, my! Your PB&J will never be the same again. We stock local honey, specialty honey, and a world of different jams and fruit butters. You could try a new flavor every week for a year.

Hand-Dipped Ice Cream

Hand-Dipped Ice Cream - York County, PA Locally-made by our friend Keith, the ice cream flavors rotate with the seasons. Keith often comes to pick up pies Miss Dee has made, to smash up and add to the fresh cream and milk. Make our ice cream part of your weekly treat. You know you deserve it.

Old-Fashioned Snacks

Old-Fashioned Candy - York County, PA A trip to the farm is a shopping treat for young and old as we stock old-fashioned candies you just can’t find everywhere. Wax Bottles, Caramel Cremes, Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones and so many more old-time favorites. Introduce your kids and grandkids to your favorites at the market.

Delicious Fudge

Homemade Fresh Fudge - York County, PA Miss Dee and her crew are busy every week making fresh batches of our signature fudge. We can’t believe how much real butter, real peanut butter, and candy toppings she uses to make thick slabs of the real-deal fudge. The classics are always available, but each week and each season brings something new from Miss Dee’s endless cookbook.