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Life on the Farm – “Fall Harvest Poetry Slam”

Our beautiful maple tree in full fall glory.


If you know me, you know I like words. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words, and so we’re launching the first-ever, Maize Quest Fall Harvest Poetry Slam.

That’s right. Poetry. Why? Because expressing emotion, meaning through words is an art form to be encouraged. It is difficult to collect an experience in words. Sometimes the moment is so meaningful it seems to defy verbal expression.

I’ve been thinking a lot as I stand in the fields with people picking pumpkins, as I drive the tractor through orchards bursting forth with fruit. My feelings of gratitude for guests, for the farm, for the opportunity to do what I love and share it all are overwhelming.

So here it is, a poem about Fall. If you want to hear it performed, [CLICK HERE]

“Never to be missed.” – by Farmer Hugh


Both wind and fruit,

Crisp crunch of leaves under foot.

Bursting colors of leaves, ripe fruit on trees,

Winter’s cold hastens hibernation to the root.


Sweaters, scarves and long pants calling,

Wrapping form whilst leaves are falling,

Snuggling hugs warm heart as cheeks turn rosy.


Bursting crunchy apples, juicy bites,

Hot sweet cider Harvest’s rite,

Flashlights flitter through stalks at night.

Pumpkins orange, green and white,

Turn into pies in ovens piping,

Frost clings to windows icing.

S’more and meat over campfire savor,

All treats, no tricks, on this farm favor,

A Harvest full of nature’s flavors,

Never to be missed.

Click the watch the video of the poem performance.