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From the farm – Scottish & Amish farming together. What’s next?

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It’s planting time!
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Life on the Farm:
“Why you should sign-up for our CSA program.”

The Amish & the Scottish. We McPhersons are Highland Scots, thrust into the new world during the Potato Famine in the 1850s. The Amish were forced to the New World seeking religious freedom. Both came from strong Agrarian (farming) backgrounds and settled in York and Lancaster Counties.

A small community. Over the past few years, with rising land prices in Lancaster, the Amish commy has expanded across the Susquehanna River into southern York County. We now have Amish neighbors on both sides of the farm.

Working together.
It may be some before you get an email from one of our Amish neighbors 🙂
With all we already do, we aren’t planting 14 kinds of veggies spaced 1 week apart all summer.
That’s why we’re working together on our CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture = CSA. You, the consumer, invest in the crops we grow specifically for you by purchasing a membership “share” in the harvest. Because you get these CSA memberships before we plant, we don’t plant more than we can market, thus reducing waste and lost produce.

What’s a “share?” The farmers producing for you, our CSA members, grow the crops. Each week, you pick-up our “share” of the harvest. We are providing the boxes and transportation from the Amish farms, they pack the veggies, we add Maple Lawn Farms-grown fruit and staff the farm market for you to pick-up. (A typical CSA box is shown below.)

Why you would do this. Everything we put in your box was produced in farmland within 10 miles of Maple Lawn Farms by us or our neighbors. We harvest Monday you pick up the box Tuesday. Each week the contents of the box change based on what’s ripe and ready.
You get the freshest produce from a farm you can visit within one day of harvest. It’s a surprise every week, and there might be a few bakery treats occasionally included as well…
Look, if that doesn’t get you excited, then the program is not for you – and that’s OK. It’s not for everyone. If you are like my wife, she always wants the best and freshest for us and the kids (she’s a vegetarian as well), so she’s already signed up!

This is not the grocery store. How many miles does lettuce from Chile travel to get here?! This is not the grocery store. Each week’s variety and items are dependent upon what’s ripe. You don’t pick and choose what goes into the box, you just get the bounty of the farm.

Think of your CSA Box as your first stop, then you only need to go to the store for the rest! Register you interest with us today. Lot’s more details, timing & pricing when you [CLICK]


PS Please do update your information for us if you haven’t already [CLICK]. We want to get you the right stuff without being a bother.
Hugh, The Maze Master