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DRIVE-THRU Local Food & BBQ Festival 5/22-23


Working together to bring you the “Backyard Grill & Party Box”

What a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends in agriculture. A farm will keep one busy enough that it takes a shock to the system to get you to pause and take stock.

Dumping milk. Plowing under veggies. Barn weddings cancelled. This crisis has us all trying something new and reaching out to each other for support.

That brings us to our FINAL Spring Festival we’re calling the “Local Food & BBQ Drive-Thru.” We reached out yet again and partnered with 7 farms to bring you good home cookin’, fresh produce, and local food for your Memorial Day weekend.

Meet the Farmers

GK Wilt Farms for Local Beef, New Park, PA (pictured here) – Quick-frozen, local beef processed at Godfrey’s USDA certified butcher shop in Loganville becomes quarter-pounder burger patties for your grill. 

Country View Creamery, Brogue, PA – On-site dairy processing makes delicious raw-milk, aged cheeses.

Maple Lawn Farms & Maple Lawn Winery, New Park, PA – Grab pies, dumplings, cookies, and a selection of wines & hard cider for your Memorial Day weekend.

Pondview Farms, Norrisville, MD – Take home a fresh, HOT 1/2 Chicken BBQ meal with applesauce & baked potato. 

Broom’s Bloom Dairy, Bel Air, MD – Home-made ice cream pints provide a dessert treat. 

Plus our out-of-state partners in Georgia:
Corbett Bros., Lake Park, GA – Zucchini for grilling and salads.