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Maple Lawn Winery - Pennsylvania Fruit Wines and Hard Cider

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Fruit Wines & Hard Cider

Maple Lawn Winery & Cider House - New Park, Pennsylvania 

Fruit in its ultimate form.

  • Taste hand-crafted, small batches of hard fruit ciders
  • Shop for your favorite hard ciders and wines to take home
  • Relax in our new tasting room next to the farm market

Ripe fruit makes flavor.

In 2006 we began harvesting and pressing our ripe peaches for local winemakers. Peaches are a tricky fruit to press, but we slowly worked out the kinks. Each year our winemaker customers encouraged us to begin our own winery adventure.

This year, we finally got up the gumption to do it.

Cider & wine, oh my.

Fruit is at the heart of everything we do on the farm. When we look towards serving our guests a new line of beverages, fruit is at the heart there, too. Apples, one of our signature fall favorites, is the central character.

In colonial times, all cider was ‘hard’. Sweet cider, the kind you’ve enjoyed from the farm market was a later product created only after refrigeration was invented.  Our hard apple ciders are small batches, hand-crafted by our farm team.

Fruit wines come next in the line-up and feature our sweet, Maple Lawn Farms peaches. Some of those juicy peaches we’ve pressed for some award-winning wineries are going to stay on the farm and become wines for you to enjoy, even closer to the source.

Here’s the plan. This isn’t a short term idea, but a long-term project. We are building slowly, learning each and every day. Stay tuned for release dates and know that, as we grow and build, you’ll be the first to taste the fruits of our labors.

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