Pick Your Own Apricots

Apricots - York County, PA

Please note that there are no u-pick apricots for 2020 due to a harsh spring frost in April. See you in 2021 for more apricot picking!

Rare treats from ancient Asia

  • No one lets you pick them, but us. They are too valuable.
  • Unbelievable texture when fresh picked.
  • Micro-season for picking, death-wish in the spring.

No one else will do it.

When we committed to opening our farm to you for picking, we held nothing back. Apricots are more valuable than peaches because they are harder to grow. Most farmers won’t entrust their apricots to the general public because of the lost in value.

We trust you.

Texture you’ve never experienced.

The apricots most of us know come in cans as part of fruit salad or are stocked in the store, picked when they were green as grass, hard as rocks in California. Those store apricots rode 3,000 miles bouncing in an 18-wheeler. Honestly it’s not their fault they don’t taste as good.

When you experience your first fresh, tree-ripened apricot you’ll likely wonder if it’s the same fruit. The soft, orange flesh bursts with flavor juice might even run a little down your arm, almost like a peach, but warmer, more velvety.

Beautiful fruit with a seasonal death-wish.

Like Icarus flying too close to the sun, the apricots are our earliest stone fruit. They bloom so early here that they typically get frost-killed during bloom. Apricots grown locally in Pennsylvania are a 50/50 chance, but when they are in, they are worth it.

We ALWAYS sell out of apricots, because they are amazing. Connect now to make sure you don’t miss the crop.