Cherries at Maple Lawn Farms

The FRESHEST fruit right from the farm!

Call 1-866-U-PICK-FUN or check our Facebook page for the latest information and picking updates before you visit the farm!

Pick Your Own Cherries from the Orchard

Life is a bowl of cherries.

  • Cherries from the tree = mind blown
  • The season is short & intense
  • Sweet & sour available

Ever tasted a real cherry, fresh?

Sweet cherries from the trees are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It breaks my heart to think of children living in today’s society who truly believe that cherries taste like the candied-red sundae toppers that are soaked in sugar and preservatives.

Break the cycle.

Maybe that’s you, too! Please, treat yourself to a trip to pick cherries. Pick them with the stems on to preserve them, then enjoy them fresh or easily freeze them. Just don’t go another year thinking “Sundae toppers” are real cherries.

Short & intense.

Good news: Cherries are amazing.

Bad news: The season is SHORT.

We make announcements via social media and email for the sweet cherry season. Please connect there for updates because cherry season is short. We have been trying to establish a new orchard, but the deer keep eating the young trees, killing them before they can produce more cherries.

Sweet & sour.

We are one of the few places you can pick sweet AND sour cherries. I never thought I’d be interested in a sour cherry. They’re just for pies, right? You have to pile on sugar and syrup to make a gelatinous filling for them to be edible, right? Wrong. I eat sour cherries raw, straight from the tree and the flavor is so full of cheek-tingling cherry-ness you’ll never want to eat sour candy again.

Tips from the Farmer

Freezing made simple. Save your cherries the easy way.

  1. Pick cherries
  2. Take home
  3. Put on flat tray, one single cherry layer
  4. Put in freezer (DO NOT WASH THEM FIRST)
  5. Once frozen, bag in ZipLocs
  6. When ready to use, open bag, WASH/RINSE
  7. Enjoy cherries.

We ALWAYS sell out of cherries, because they are amazing. Connect now to make sure you don’t miss the crop.

Cherry Farm Photos